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TMJ Therapy - Orange Park, FL

Relieve Chronic Jaw Pain

TMJ Therapy

If you place two fingertips on the skin underneath both ears and then open your mouth, you’ll feel something moving beneath the surface. This is the temporomandibular joint (more simply known as the TMJ), which is a small body part with a big responsibility. It connects the lower jaw to the skull and facilitates movement. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to chew food or speak clearly!

Unfortunately, like most other parts of the body, the TMJ can fall victim to painful dysfunction and strain over time. Thankfully, Dr. Crovatto and Dr. Edwards are very familiar with this condition’s troubling signs and can prescribe therapy as needed to bring back harmony to your overall smile and oral health. Please contact us today in Orange Park, FL to schedule a checkup.

Do I Have TMJ Disorder?

X-ray of jaw and skull bone

TMJ disorder is a complex condition that can manifest in several different ways – the presence of bruxism (teeth grinding), the onset of arthritis, or a serious facial injury, to name a few. However, there are some tell-tale symptoms that tend to be consistent across many cases. If you notice any of these symptoms on a regular basis, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further help:

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

Animation of jaw and skull bone

Occlusal adjustment (also known as equilibration) is often recommended as therapy for patients with TMJ disorder that’s directly caused by a misaligned bite. If certain teeth are loose, misaligned, overcrowded, or missing entirely, your bite’s general pressure may be spread unevenly, resulting in chronic strain. Our dentists will carefully alter the surfaces of certain teeth to help all of them meet properly again and reduce excessive force in sensitive areas.

Occlusal Splints

Model smile with occlusal splint

Occlusal splints are similar to a nightguard that a patient with bruxism would wear to protect their teeth. Each one is custom-made to fit the patient’s unique smile comfortably, helping to support and adjust the jaw’s resting position as they sleep easy. This repositioning will help your jaw avoid dysfunctional positions that result in chronic joint inflammation and any unconscious tooth grinding. Many patients discover that the diligent use of their occlusal splint eventually leads to permanent improvements for their TMJ health!

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