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Preventive Dentistry - Orange Park, FL

Protecting Healthy Smiles


Good preventive care is the backbone of lifelong oral health, and our Orange Park, FL team wants to provide you and your loved ones with the ongoing support you need! Routine checkups and cleanings will help us catch any damage or decay as soon as it develops, and plenty of other likeminded services are available to strengthen teeth, protect them from harm, and help patients feel confident about their smile’s future. Contact Crovatto & Edwards Family Dentistry today to schedule a first visit.

Check-Ups & Cleanings

Woman receiving dental exam

Are you routinely visiting the dentist’s office? If not, consider scheduling an appointment at our practice as soon as you have the free time. By seeing patients routinely, our team can prevent dental problems early on through comprehensive checkups and help smiles stay healthier with refreshing cleanings that remove harmful plaque. We’re happy to see all ages and whole families for this important type of care!

Learn More About Check-Ups & Cleanings

Periodontal Therapy

Closeup of healthy teeth and gums

Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is a very common health problem – in fact, it’s estimated by the CDC that half of all Americans have a mild to advanced case, whether they know it or not. While this infection may only cause some puffy gum tissue or light oral bleeding after flossing at first, its gradual breakdown of the soft tissue will eventually lead to tooth loss if it’s not treated.

Our team performs in-depth periodontal screenings during every regular appointment here in Orange Park. We can also perform scaling and root planing, which is an in-depth cleaning that targets the dangerous bacterial accumulations responsible for gum disease and gets rid of them. You deserve to enjoy the healthiest smile possible!

Children’s Dentistry

Child receiving dental treatment

Far too often, children develop a negative relationship with the dentist’s office early on because of a negative, frightening, or painful experience. At Crovatto & Edwards Family Dentistry, we take our responsibility for your family’s wellbeing seriously – that’s why every team member works hard to help young patients feel genuinely happy and relaxed throughout their appointments. Our services menu features several options that are kid-friendly, including dental sealants for protecting hard-to-reach teeth, fluoride treatment for preventing cavities, and sportsguards for burgeoning athletes.

Dental Sealants

Closeup of flawless smile

Dental sealants are an easy and effective way to guard against tooth decay, especially for children who are still learning the best techniques for brushing and flossing. Our team will paint a thin coating of the material (a safe, plastic-based substance) to the chewing surfaces of back teeth so that it adheres in place. There, it blocks out food particles and other foreign debris that would otherwise stick to the tooth’s grooves and pits. The result? A much lower risk of cavities overall!

Nightguards for Bruxism

Clear nightguard on metal tray

You probably know the term “bruxism” best by another name – teeth grinding. This bad habit affects patients of all ages, and it may happen because of stress, missing teeth, or a misaligned bite. Many sufferers don’t even realize what’s happening because they only grind at night while asleep. Thankfully, our team is very sensitive to the signs and symptoms. We’ll be sure to let you know if we think intervention is important to prevent dental damage, jaw pain, and other harmful symptoms. A custom-made nightguard from our office will provide ample protection to the rows of teeth as patients rest easy.


Child placing red athletic mouthguard

Do you or your loved one regularly participate in sports where there’s a possibility of coming in contact with hard objects, surfaces, or other players? Protecting your smile in these situations is just as important as wearing a helmet or kneepads. Our custom-made sportsguards are designed with your unique smile in mind, providing optimal stability, comfort, and flexibility. Unlike store-bought oral appliances, the wearer can still breathe, speak, and swallow without any trouble while on the court or field.

Oral Cancer Screening

Patient receiving oral cancer screening

Oral cancer may not be mentioned in the dentist’s office as often as cavities or gum disease, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a threat. One person dies from this kind of cancer every hour on average, mostly because of late diagnoses. Here in Orange Park, our dental team is the first line of defense against this danger for you and your family, which is why we screen for oral cancer during regular checkups. Common warning signs that we will be looking for include:

Fluoride Treatment

Closeup of healthy beautiful smile

Fluoride is a natural mineral that you can find within the earth, in some of the foods we eat, and even (most likely) in the water that pours out of your kitchen tap. This regular exposure is a very good thing, as countless studies have clearly documented the positive effects fluoride has on oral health, strengthening teeth and preventing the breakdown of enamel.

At Crovatto & Edwards Family Dentistry, we also offer professional fluoride treatment for patients who could benefit from some extra contact. These applications are strongly encouraged for children but can be good for adults as well in certain situations – we will be sure to explain the reasons behind our recommendations if we offer them.

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